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AUGUST 2015Willes Site Plan RenderingWe are excited to announce that we will be breaking ground on new homes in August 2015 at our

new Willies, Lehi Site. Click below to request more information as it comes available.


New Call-to-action

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Day After – Turkey Recipes

The mayhem has ended, at least for a minute, but now you have a fridge full of food, you don’t know what to do with.

Here are some recipes to help keep your food from going bad, and to satisfy the hunger of all your house guests. (Click the name of the dish and it will take you to our Pinterest page!)Turkey chili

Turkey Noodle Soup 

Turkey Chili

 Turkey and Cranberry Sandwiches

Shepherd’s Pie

Ham and Cheese Omelettes

Chop up ham

Shred cheese

Chop up any veggies you’d like to put into your omelettes

Put oven safe pan on medium heat. Grease pan. Turn on broiler low in the oven.

Mix up 2 eggs and a dash of milk. (2 eggs per omelette)

Brown veggies and ham in pan, once clear or smelling good. Add egg, let cook for 3 minutes or until edges are starting to separate from the pan, Put cheese on top, and pop into the brolier until cheese is melted and your egg doesn’t jiggle.

Fold onto a plate and enjoy!

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving day!




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Happy Thanksgiving

We would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, from our Family to yours!

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Hours will be the following for the weekend to allow our team to be with their families.

Thursday – Office and Model homes Closed

Friday – Office and Model homes Closed

Saturday- Model homes open from 12-6pm

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Thanksgiving Weekend Fun

The Thanksgiving break is here, and we came up with a list of things you should be doing this weekend!

thanksgiving 2


Thanksgiving Fun Run! The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so get your family together and head out to one of the many Turkey Day Fun Runs. Here are a few of our favorites 1 / 2 /3

If you’re needing cooking space, convince your family to get out and play some Football, Turkey Bowls are some of the best family traditions.

Have everyone write what they are most thankful for and over pie read them aloud, and guess who wrote what.


Check out any of the sales you want, make sure to check online to see what you can buy from the website.

Take advantage of the nice weather, and put up your holiday lights, head to the tree lot and get your home into the holiday spirit!

In keeping with the holiday spirit theme, Take a sleigh ride to see Santa at the Homestead Resort in Midway. These rides fill up quickly, and they get busier the closer it is to Christmas! Remember to RSVP.


With the weather forecast saying it should be cold and wet, take a drive to see the Spanish Fork Festival of the Lights.

Bake at home some of your favorite holiday treats!

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Meet your New Neighbor!

Meeting new neighbors can be a tricky tango. It will leave you with questions like, “do I go over first, or do I wait for them to come to me?” “Do I take a gift, what do I wear?”.

It is actually similar to a first date, and realistically , how many of those are fun? Meeting your new neighbor is something you want to go smoothly, because you’re probably expecting to live next to them for a long time.

So here is some “how to’s” and “Whys” you should meet your neighbor



1. Put on your best smile.

2. Knock on their door at a decent hour.

3. Do not wait until 6 months into your neighbor relationship to actually acknowledge one another. That is just rude!

4. Ask some inquisitive questions, like… Where do you work, do you have kids, if so how many, do you have dogs. Why did you move to this area?

5. Be yourself, no one wants a stuffy neighbor.



1. You’ll want to know who they are, I mean you’re living 50 feet away, and in some cases closer.

2. If you have kids, you’ll want to know who has kids, and what ages. Moving to a new area is hard for kids, and some outside play dates can make it much easier on them.

3. If you have a dog, and that dog likes to bark/escape/greet everyone, you’ll want to have your neighbors meet your dog, that way when your dog decides to head into their yard, they’re not calling Animal services.

4. If you are friendly with your neighbors the safer the neighborhood. You want people to have your back when you forget to close your garage door, or when you’re gone on vacation for a week.

5. To be nice, no one wants to feel like they’re not included or feel unwelcomed in a neighborhood.

6. At one point in your neighbor relationship, (usually as you move in) you’re going to have too much trash and recycling for your own garbage bins, and you’re going to need a back up.


If you want to go above and beyond, it only takes one thing, and that is COOKIES!

Here is a recipe that even the worst baker can’t mess up.

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit

1 C butterSoft-Baked-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-31

3/4 C granulated sugar

3/4 C brown sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

2 Large Eggs

2 1/4 C Baking Flour

1 tsp. Baking Soda

1 tsp. Salt

1 bag of your favorite chocolate chips, (1/2 dark and 1/2 milk is a personal favorite)

In a bowl beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar together. Once smooth add your Vanilla and Eggs. Beat that together until you get a creamy mixture.

Add your flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix until you can see no left over flour in the bowl. Mix in your chocolate chips.

Scoop up cookie dough with a dinner spoon (make sure you have a good mound on there) and drop onto the cookie sheet. only put 9-12 cookies on a sheet.

Cook for 9-11 minutes



Maybe you and your neighbors don’t get along, and it is time to move? We can help you there, check out our move in ready and homes under construction for sale here!

Otherwise, We hope you have a great weekend!



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Rent Vs Buy


Rent Vs Buy?

For many the benefits of buying a home outweigh the advantages of Renting. With mortgage rates at a historic lows, and rents on the rise, right now is a great time to finance a mortgage with a fixed monthly payment, that may be lower than your rent.

We found a great calculator on NY that helps you figure out if you should buy or rent in certain markets. You can get to that here.

When we used the calculator and input the cost of one of our condos. We found that if you are renting a 3 bed 2 bath in Saratoga springs or the surrounding area for more than $930 a month, it is cheaper to buy.*

Here are 5 things on why you should buy instead rent in the market today, even if you only plan on being around for 5 years.

1. When you buy you make one of the best investments a person can do for themselves.

2. You don’t have a landlord.

3. You can do whatever you want to your home, without losing your security deposit.

4. You can have an investment property to rent, in the coming years, especially when you buy a condo.

5. You have a place you can truly set down your roots. Many times when you rent, you are moving year after year, and months 10-12 of a lease are filled with stress with renewals or moving again.

Here is how we can help you make that next step.

Contact our preferred lender Academy Mortgage Lone Peak Branch here and here.

Contact one of our sales agents for a stress free, low pressure showing. We would love to show you what we can do for you.

For Condos starting in the $140K

Hillcrest Saratoga Springs – Rod Miller 801.850.2399

Belmont Downtown Salt Lake – Hillary C. 801.558.3272

For Single Family Homes starting in the $240K

Le Cheminant, Vineyard and White Rail, Spanish Fork – Danny Gifford 801.995.1794

Silver Lake, Eagle Mountain – Shawn Swenson 801.836.8417

*This is an estimate, not an exact approximation.

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Family Friendly Spaces

As a family ran company, we know how important family is. So when we are designing a home to bring to you, we really focus on how a family will live in a home, and how the home will work through the many stages of a growing family. Our floor plans are constantly evolving to accommodate the trends and livability a family home needs to have. We really strive to bring you a space that grows with your family.

In Utah most of us are lucky enough to have basements to banish send our kids, husbands, wives and their creative messes to, but sometimes those aren’t always finished. So here are some ideas to make the most of the space you have available, or to help you decorate, once we’re done building your home!

Be the cool parent and let your kid turn the unfinished basement into an indoor skate park in the winter. Throw up a dartboard, its not like they can put any holes in the wall after all. If you and your kids get uber creative, and you plan on putting flooring down in the basement at a later time, do a chalkboard floor, this is great for the rainy days in the summer or the cold times in the winter.

If you have a guest room upstairs, donate it, in the name of parental sanity, to your kids. Place a TV and a shelving unit in the closet, that way the movies, and  video games are  hidden when they’re not in use. Instead of a sofa, maybe get a cool futon or sofa bed, for sleepovers or for the holiday season when you have guests. Make sure you place a cute but cheap rug in there, kids are more than likely to spill once or twice, and that kind of mess is best on something you can throw out when they move out.


In a few of our homes we have a smaller loft areas, these are perfect for a family computer and/ or homework station. They’re upstairs and out of the way from the main floor bustle so kids can focus, but also in an open and visible area, so you can see your kids actually doing homework. Not editing their awesome skateboard videos or watching makeup tutorials. Some of these areas are big enough to do a double desk or an extra long desk with two chairs. We’re all about maximizing space without cluttering it.


Maybe you are  maxed out of space or need an extra homework site. Many of our floor plans are open enough to place a desk in the dining/kitchen area without the cluttered feeling. This is also perfect for when you are trying a new recipe from the internet, or watching a video on how to make the perfect DIY holiday wreath. This area is also great for a “Family charging Station”, that way you know your child is going to sleep with no distractions on a school night.


Last but not least, you need a functional family bathroom. Especially if you have more than one kid, and if you have more than one girl… Getting ready in the morning can be like WW3. Cheers to you if it is not. We strongly suggest double sinks in the bathroom, along with a shower and toilet area separated by a door. With lots of cabinet and storage space! This bathroom can accommodate up to three people at once, though any sane parent would only be comfortable with two at a time. Best part, our top selling floor plans have this option.

bath sl


A family in a growth spurt, doesn’t mean you need more space, just get more creative with the space you have. Stop by our model homes to see some of these examples, and let us show you how you can maximize your space for your family needs.

Have a great weekend!





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Flagship Homes is pleased to announce a new building of condos is currently under construction at our Hillcrest condos in Saratoga Springs. Hillcrest condos are located just off of Redwood road in north Saratoga Springs. These condos are situated near the new Pioneer Crossing Road, which provides easy access to I-15. Only seconds from Walmart and other major shopping. This amazing location is minutes from Cabelas, Adobe and many other great locations. Over 100 condos have been sold and condos in the newly constructed buildings are expected to sell out fast. Condos start from the high$140’s. Zero-down USDA Rural Financing available. FHA financing available. Come visit our model condo today. Each condo has 9 foot ceilings with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a garage, including a spacious master bedroom and walk-in closet. Enjoy high-quality knotty alder cabinets, spacious floor plans as well as patios and balconies. The beautiful Hillcrest clubhouse includes a large swimming pool and exercise room. Come visit our newly opened model home and see what this location has to offer.


We’re also happy to announce that we have new condos under construction in Salt Lake City. Belmont Plaza condos are located just off 9th south & 2nd east.  Living at this amazing location means everything is a short bike ride away, including downtown Salt Lake, boasting local favorites such as the S.L.C Farmers Market, City Center and holiday lights, to festivals such as Comic-Con, the Utah Arts Festival, and the Twilight concert series. We also can’t forget that Belmont is close to some of the best eateries Salt Lake has to offer, with Alamexo, Pallet and Moochies minutes away. To top it off, having Liberty Park and the 9th and 9thdistrict right up the street, you’ll never have to leave the area to get what you need. With Trax 4 blocks away, you can access the airport, the U, and south Salt Lake county, without ever having to step foot in your car. Though if you do need to head out of the city for a short hike or the weekend, you have I-15 access to some of the best outdoors areas in the Country, starting with City Creek and Millcreek canyons minutes away, to the red rocks of southern Utah only just 4 hours away. The best part of living in Belmont, you get down town living starting in the high $100’s.


Both projects offer benefits of owning your residence instead of renting. With mortgage rates low and rents on the rise, now is an affordable time to finance a mortgage with a fixed monthly payment lower than rent. Welcome November by contacting our Flagship Agents about these beautiful new condos for sale.


Hillcrest Condos (Saratoga Springs): Rod Miller 801.850.2399

Belmont Plaza (Salt Lake City): Hillary Craig 801.558.3272

Check out more homes for sale here:

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Pizza and Home Shopping

Flagship Homes is giving away Free Pyromaniacs Pizza!

We’re Excited to announce that Utah Valley Favorite Pizza Truck will be Serving up the ‘ZA

October 11th 2014 From 11:00-2:30pm at our  Le Cheminant, Vineyard Model Home.

We Would love for you to join us for fun prizes and food!

Here is what you have to do.

-Stop by any of our Model homes and get your free Pizza Passes

-Or call Hillary at 801.558.3272 to RSVP and pick up your free pizza at the model home day of.

-If you write a contract within 15 days, you will get 2000 in upgrades!*

-Or just stop on by Saturday!

-When you call or visit you are automatically entered to win a Stay in / Go out Date night package (check out our Facebook or Instagram to see what’s in it)

So while you are out and about on Saturday, and you’re starving. Remember lunch is on us!

*NEW Contracts only, Not Valid for people under contract or have purchased homes in the past. Please look into our referral program.



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Flagship Homes- Saturday Favorites

Here is a list of places and things you can find us doing this weekend-

We’d like to believe we’re true weekend warriors!

Bikram Yoga at Brickyard Canvas – We love stopping by the local yoga studio during the cooler weather! It is a great way to get some exercise in without having cold fingers and toes.

Corn Mazes – Halloween is a few weeks away you can find some of us treating ourselves to a hay-ride or running away from the chainsaw man in the corn maze, Again Thanksgiving Point has you covered with Corn Belly’s Corn Maze.

Adventure Zip line canopy tour– Another great outdoor activity, and a great alternative to see the fall colors if you are not into the hiking scene!

Bridal Veil Falls – This is a super easy hike, and a must see! With the wet weather we’ve had you can be sure to see some amazing waterfalls!

Museum of Natural Curiosity – There are 400 interactive experiences, so you can go to this place every day for a year and see something new. Great for kids

Last but not least we will be stopping by our model homes they will be open until 5pm! If you stop by enter into our date night drawing, by speaking with our sales agents! We will be drawing for the winners on Saturday the 11th. Also tag us in your weekend photos of doing things around the valley and be entered to win a Cafe Rio gift card!


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